Live Oak Revue Set to Release Debut EP When The Dawn Breaks on June 21, 2011


Orange County based Indie Rock/Americana band Live Oak will release their debut EP When The Dawn Breaks on June 21st, 2011, through Adamant Records.  The band includes Brian Ireland of Something Corporate, his 2 brothers (Matt and Derrick) and Zak Salazar.  Also featured is Andrew McMahon of (Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin) on piano for one of the songs, “Sinner’s Heart.” For full track listing, see below.

After the loss of a close friend, Zak and the brothers Ireland rekindled a bond that naturally led them back to music. The band was birthed out of the whiskey fueled nights at “the Amber Lantern House”, a Dana Point, California residence, where friends would gather together to sip spirits and make noise.

“We never wanted to try and force anything, it was never our intention to start a band and cut a record,” says Salazar. “Everything happened so organically. We took to writing and playing music together because that’s what we do… it’s what we’ve always done. Everyone was welcome to play; we had an open door policy. It was less of a band and more of a family.  If you had a washboard or an empty beer bottle, you made the cut. And we became known for that. We found there was a need at times for something more intimate and concrete than the late night sing-alongs.  Live Oak Revue filled that need and we took it from there.”

When The Dawn Breaks track-listing

1.    When The Dawn Breaks

2.    County Line

3.    Sinner’s Heart

4.    Abelene

5.    We Don’t Belong